HOCO DCK1 Clock with Wireless Charging TR00098

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Hoco DCK1 wireless charging clock. The clock power supply adopts electric energy transmission electromagnetic induction technology,which is the biggest feature of this product. As long as you have a QI standard product, you can use it for charging. In the case of power failure, it can be used for time memory, the sofe white light can well protect your eyes and provide users with a new,convenient and affordable user experience.

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Plug in the adapter and power cord, connect the type C connector of the product to 5V DC, you can boot into the working screen

1.Wireless Charging Function

2.Clock Settings

3.Alarm Settings(2 Groups of Alarm: Alarm 1/ Alarm 2)

4.Snooze Settings

5.4 Levels of Brightness Can Be Adjusted(including off level)

6. 12/24 Hours System Conversion

7. Reset Function

8. Factory Mode Setting

This device supports charging of mobile phones that comply with QI standards.

1. Please select a fast charging adapter for wireless charging(QC 2.0 or QC 3.0)

2.When the white and blue lights falsh alternately, it means that a foreign object or a short circuit is detected.

3.Keep the equipment away from water ot flammable liquids.

4. Product use enviroment temperature range:-20°C~50°C

5. You need to have the Qi Charger adapter, and your phone need to support for wireless charging

6.Size: 106*100*36.7MM


Package Contents:

1 *Alarm clock

1 * Type C Charing Cable

1 *English manual


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